Tunnel Number Five’s festival of underground music ran a series of explorative and collaborative concerts in the WWII Oil Storage Tunnels under Darwin in August 2016 and 2017. This followed two pilot concerts by Anne Norman in 2015.


Thank you to our audiences and sponsors for your past support. We hope to see you in the future.

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AND a bit happier news. Check out this article to learn about a wonderful creative flow-on from the Tunnel Number Five encounter of songman Jason Guwanbal Gurruwiwi with violin/violist Netanela Mizrahi.

Guwanbal Netanela

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a series of five concerts staged inside Darwin’s historic

WWII Oil Storage Tunnels … August 13th to 17th  2017

“…with its haunting acoustics, the uniqueness of an amazingly beautiful
concert … inside the
Darwin WWII Oil Storage tunnels,
could not be replicated anywhere else in the world … breathtaking!
” – audience review, 2015
“It was the best thing I’ve heard in ten years, it was a sensory thing … we didn’t have to use our eyes.
Awesome is all I can say. It will blow your inner world.”
– Chryss Carr,
talking about Concert #3, 2016 … Yolngu Songmen and West Papuan songs with shakuhachi and whirlies.


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August 13:  Impact         
Ad Hoc Ensemble with Kabita Ghosh
Anna Faehse (violin, voice), Netanela Mizrahi (viola, voice), Mariliza Papadouri (cello), Merrilee Mills (recorder, clarinet, voice), Stevie Kyriacou (voice), Zachary Wilson (dance) Luther Wilson (dance), Kabita Ghosh (sitar)

August 14: Transformation           
Jason Guwanbal Gurruwiwi ( Yolngu songman) and the AdHoc Ensemble

August 15Sounding the Tunnel
Peter Neville (percussion), Deborah Kayser (vocals), with local percussionists: Zoe Jaenke, Shaun Juwannandadige, Lee Barry, Bailey O’Brien & Kacey Co; and the TUNNEL !

August 16Sub-Liminal: Mapping the Sacred across Time and Space
Nick Tsiavos (double bass), Deborah Kayser (vocals), Peter Neville (percussion), Jason Guwanbal Gurruwiwi (Yolngu Manikay), Anne Norman (shakuhachi),

August 17Digging Deep      
Netanela Mizrahi (violin/viola), Nick Tsiavos (double bass), Jason Guwanbal Gurruwiwi (Yolngu Manikay), Peter Neville (percussion), Kabita Ghosh (sitar), Anne Norman (shakuhachi).



If walking … It’s about 5 minutes to walk from Darwins Metro Bus Transit Station  (along Harry Chan Ave) and also the main Darwin Festival (above ground) in the park and Browns Mart Theatre (beside the bus transit station). Just walk along Smith St away from the mall. When you get to the Esplanade cross over the street to Hughes Ave and walk down the hill about 50 meters till you find some stairs on the left. A mix of steps and paths leads down the steep incline right to the entrance of Tunnel Number Five.

If arriving by taxi … just ask for the WWII Oil Storage Tunnels in Kitchener Drive.

If driving … there’s free street parking but its very hard to find the right spot at night with all the restaurant dwellers.
However there’s free 2 hour parking available in multi-level carpark under the Vibe Hotel on Kitchener Drive, just up the road from the tunnels. Thereafter $2 for 3 hours, $4 for 4 hours

Meals and refreshments …  can be found aplenty just across the road from Tunnel Number Five in the Waterfront Precinct. Also 5 minutes away, at the main Darwin Festival, there’s  a wide range of excellent budget meals from stalls in the park as well as liquor, juices and other refreshments.   If you’re eating before the performance … make sure to get to the venue at least 30 minutes early.


All concerts start promptly at 7pm …  Late admission not possible, including after interval as it will seriously interfere with the performance. So will chatting or making noises near the entrance … especially as it’s also being recorded.   Again … remember to get to the venue at least 30 minutes early.   Audience begins to enter the tunnel at 6:30pm. BYO seat.  It takes time for everyone to get through ticketing, navigate the narrow access tunnels with folding chairs to the main Tunnel#5 … and then find a good position to set your chair up.   The later you arrive … the closer you will be towards the extreme ends of the 172 meter tunnel.

Please Note … every concert requires the audience to BYO their own folding chairs.   However there will be a limited number of seats for hire at the entrance for non Darwinites.

Also … It’s quite hot in the tunnel venue so cool clothing is advised.   All the fans will be on except during the 1st & 2nd brackets.   There’s an interval of at least 20 minutes.