Audience feedback


Graphic generated by from written feedback by
audience members at the Tunnel Number Five performances in 2016.

“An awesome journey in sound and resonance.” Sarah Katz
“You made my heart sing and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.” Meg & Ed Pawlik
“Great. Standing ovation. What else do you need?” Daren C
“Wonderful experience. Loved the interaction with the audience” Philip Spencer
“Beautiful. Well curated.” Georgia Robinson
“Came last year. Will be back again next year” Roger Davey
“Could feel the music through my body” Kim B
“Stunning! Please come back!” James Purtill
“Wonderful, thanks for the escape!” Rachel Groome
“Beautiful sound that washed over us” Danielle C
“Five Stars” Des Chan
“Very good sound of exceptional music and voice” Lezen Molrey
“Beautifully haunting soul kissing experience. Loved it.” Joe Schmidt
“Absolutely Amazing!” A-J Lark
“Lovely sound, very peaceful” Sam Parisi
“Fantastic, creative, altruistic music” Neil Lanceley
“So wonderful, Very special. I feel privileged to have been part of this.” Sarah Pirrie
“Wonderful. Wonderful. More.” Lauren Walker
“Fantastic, ethereal” Carrol Connlay
“The series was acoustically and spiritually amazing – Thank you!” D. Kirton
“Brilliant!” Con Costa
“A really different experience. Loved it!” Cathy Buck
“Sensational” Sue Stewart
“Magical” Margaret Stewart
“Great Acoustics. Lovely Performances.” A Smith
“Relaxing, stunning, amazing acoustics.” J Pinel
“Loved it. Great audience. Thought of more play with voices and vocal sounds.” D Tinapple
“Hypnotic, strange, beautiful!” Jane T
“Amazingly beautiful journey. Thank you.” Sam Phela
“Absolutely awesome and sublime” Robyn M
“Amazing sound with all musicians. Glad we came.” Rebecca & Mark
“Fabulous. Thank you.” Bea Staley
“Loved it. Would love any CD by Arnhem Songmen.” Kylie Tobler
“Brilliant! A great experience. Thank you.” Belinda Briggs
“Fantastic. Hot. Sticky. But amazing.” Helen D
“A spiritual experience.” Chryss Carr
“Beautiful and stunning. Thank you so much.” Karen Cheah
“Extraordinary Sound. Typical Darwin. Unexpected pleasure.” Christine Connors
“The most amazing experience. Soul touching.” Margot Richards
“Hauntingly beautiful” Michelle Carreto
“Sublime” P Binns
“Inspirational. Would love CD of Songs of Land, Yolngu & West Papuan singers” Denise Salvestro
“I’ll be back next year.” Althea Bannister












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